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The interview that I had on Saturday, turned into a front page article in the Huron Daily Plainsman! Check out the article here. Roger did an excellent job and surprised me with the extent and placement of the article, thanks Roger.

I have gotten my logo from Mary Williams Design, and here it is making its internet debut....

Thanks a million Mary, it is awesome! What do you think? Awesome, that is correct!

I believe that Kevin Colburn, National Stewardship Director for American Whitewater, will be joining the Salmon To Sea trip. If only for a short time. He has expressed interest in paddling for a day or two with the trip and writing and article for the AW Journal. Kevin is a great paddler and an amazing force in river management, negotiation skills, natural resource law, and regulated river restoration.


Blogger Redfish said...

I just read the Plainsman article. That's a great thing you are going to do. My family has been going to Sun Valley for a week in July for 30 years. We always make a point of spending a day at Redfish Lake and in Stanley. It's always so upsetting to hear that only 1 or 5 salmon returned. I hope your trip can make a difference. Good Luck!!

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