Growing List of Sponsors

Kelty, Boulder, CO - With a donation of a Lightyear 3D sleeping bag and a Ridge 2 ultralight tent, Kelty has become the official sleeping bag and shelter sponsor.

Crazy Creek, Red Lodge, MT - Will be saving our behinds with the Original Crazy Creek chairs.

Thanks to our sponsors the auction on November 18th will be an even bigger success and making a difference in salmon recovery. Our list of sponsors is growing and is very impressive including:


Blogger Princess_Fyara said...

Hey, I read your article in the Idaho Statesman today. I really like Salmon, and I've always enjoyed The Wonders of God's Creation Videos by Moody Science. In Animal Kingdom they follow the migratory paths of Salmon and show some really interesting studies and stories. It's really cool, check it out, I bet you'd enjoy it. :) I'll be following this story of yours.

Take care!
Mary :)

6:21 PM  

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