Going LIVE, Snacking Organic and Being Safe

Russ Smith of Skycall Communications, along with the Amazing Outdoors Radio Show and the Utah Outdoors Radio Show have become the official communications sponsors of the Salmon to Sea trip. I will be calling in on every Saturday of the trip and talking with the folks on the Utah Outdoors Radio Show. It will then be edited and aired on the Amazing Outdoors Radio Show. You will be able to listen on the internet or subscribe to their podcast and listen when you get a chance. You can subscribe to the podcast by linking here:

I like to eat and on this trip I will have to be eating a lot and keeping the mind right. Clif Bar has offered to supply the Salmon to Sea trip with healthy treats like the Nectar Bar. The Nectar Bar is 100% Organic and provides you with 2 servings of fruits and none of the multi-syllabic ingredients that so much of our food has theses days.

More sponsor news, a major paddle company has joined the fray and has donated two paddles for the Salmon to Sea trip. I can't share yet with you who it is, they are still in the Grand Canyon. Will update you around the second week of July. I have always wanted to use these paddles, they are light, strong and ergonomically amazing.

The great folks at Idaho Rivers United and Save Our Wild Salmon have been working hard on planning events and lining up media for this trip. We have some really cool ideas that are slowly coming to life.

Hot off the presses this afternoon....Personal Locator Beacon what is it? Check out PLB Rentals LLC. Wayne and the folks at PLB Rentals has partnered with the Salmon to Sea trip to help educate the public and providing me with a potentially life saving device. A Personal Locator Beacon is a device that allows people that are traveling in remote areas have a link to Search and Rescue teams, if the need should arise. Since I will be traveling solo for the majority of this trip and having a close eye on safety, I think this is a very natural fit with the Salmon to Sea trip. Just by carrying a PLB, this does not mean that I will be running every rapid or going out in severely windy conditions. A PLB does not take the place of good judgment and smart decision making. More about PLB Rentals and the PLB itself soon.


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