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I have copied a portion of a letter that I just mailed to my Congressional representative Rick Renzi of Arizona and I am asking you to do the same. Only send it to your Congressman! I encourage you to make a personal statement as to why salmon are important to you and you can even mention my trip and how it paralleled that of young juvenile salmon. Don't let this moment of action pass you by.

To find your Congressman all you have to do is go here and type in your zip code. Find the area where you can send an email to them paste this in the message, along with your personal additions.

Here is the text:

Wild salmon are a vital natural resource, providing jobs and economic opportunities for thousands of communities and businesses. Unfortunately, this national treasure is threatened with extinction. Please sponsor the Salmon Planning Act today!

Scientists tell us that the four lower Snake River dams are the primary cause of plummeting salmon and steelhead populations, as well as the main obstacle to their recovery. However, in salmon plan after salmon plan, federal agencies have steadfastly refused to even study the possibility of removing these four outdated, highly-subsidized dams - despite overwhelming scientific and economic evidence that doing so is the best and least expensive way to recover Snake River salmon and steelhead.

Billions of dollars have already been wasted on ineffective programs such as trucking and barging young salmon around these salmon-killing dams. I believe American taxpayers and the people who depend on healthy salmon runs deserve a real recovery plan. That's why I encourage you to support the bi-partisan Salmon Planning Act (HR 1615).

The Salmon Planning Act would require independent scientific and economic analyses of the existing and potential salmon recovery efforts. And the Salmon Planning Act would authorize dam removal on the lower Snake River if and only if key federal agencies determine that it is necessary to obey federal laws and treaties. Further, the Salmon Planning Act would also determine how to best protect affected communities, maintain clean energy supplies, and improve the transportation infrastructure to move goods throughout the region.

We cannot afford to continue the expensive failures of the past thirty years. Please help restore this valuable fishery resource and national icon by co-sponsoring the Salmon Planning Act (HR 1615) today.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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