Lewiston Event Details

Sorry earlier I mentioned that this event would be on the 26th. My bad! I have been on the river and not keeping up with details like what day is it!

So this event will be on SUNDAY August 27th at 12 pm.

Bridge to Bridge-Tail of the Snake, Lewiston's historical boat race.

Race starts at 2 pm at Swallows Park in Clarkston, WA, after a 12 pm community BBQ.

Boats must be Human Powered! First prize winner recieves an NRS donated Bill's Bag. Race is by reservation only so please RSVP Shallan Dawson at 509.456.8400 or shallan@wildsalmon.org or you can email me via the button on the right.

Thanks and see you there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Bill! Great job so far. Mile 52, alright!

I work for Save Our Wild Salmon, one of the groups (along with Idaho Rivers United) working with Bill on this great journey of his. I just wanted to say that we really appreciate you using your talents and strength (and time!) to do such a wonderful thing to bring news of our declining NW salmon populations to more people who should know about this.

We believe in you, take care and keep up the great work!

Chiarra Sather
Save Our Wild Salmon

2:00 PM  

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