Kick-Off Planned and Great Articles

Agenda for Salmon to Sea Launch
Sunday, August 6th 2006
Sunbeam Dam Interpretive Site
10:30-11:30 Media arrive to do early interviews. Bill E. Tom, Bill S. and Amanda are available at the Sunbeam site.
11:30 Amanda welcomes audience, introduces Idaho Rivers United, introduces Tom, Bill E., Bill S. and Andy.

BILL E.: Emphasize how dams kill salmon, and how Bill will face the same difficulties in his journey downriver.

11:55 Why I’m making this trip--Idaho’s salmon are in trouble

-Highlight how dams kill salmon. Focus on the rapid decline of salmon in the 1960s and 1970s, directly following the construction of the lower Snake dams.

-Discuss sockeye issue (only 6 returned to redfish lake last year, etc.)

-Emphasize the need to remove the four high-cost, low-value dams on the lower Snake River.

-Highlight the need to act now, before Idaho’s sockeye lead the extinction wave.

-End by thanking everyone for coming, and noting that he will stick around for ten minutes for questions before launching down river.

12:15 Amanda will end. Thank audience for coming, allow room for questions.

12:30 Bill launches in his kayak, and begins his epic journey with a cheering crowd behind him!

Check out the great articles that have come out in the past week!

Salt Lake Tribune, Boise Weekly, Huron Daily Plainsman

I will be doing the Amazing Utah Outdoors radio show on Saturday morning around 7 am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Bill Go! Have a safe and great trip. I am very proud of you.
Love you, Aunt Deb

12:15 PM  

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