Great Gear and Great Food

I have been spending the last two days finalizing a lot of details. The kickoff event is being hosted and put together by Idaho Rivers United. The event will be at the old Sunbeam dam. The Sunbeam dam was completed in 1911 and was dynamited in 1934, restoring salmon runs to Redfish Lake and the upper reaches of the Salmon river.

Currrent Designs - Wenonah, MN has again stepped up their commitment to the Salmon to Sea trip. Having eight dams to get around on this trip, they have provided me with a portage cart. This heavy duty two-wheeled cart will fit into the sea kayak and will put it together at each dam and start walking.

Kokatat - Arcata, CA is providing me with the best watersports gear on the planet. There dry tops have kept me dry since I first started paddling, seven years ago.

MaryJanesFarm - Moscow, ID has given the Salmon to Sea trip a huge discount on their amazing organic foods. I will be carrying a small backpacking stove that I will use to prepare these easy to cook meals.

I went up to NRS yesterday and got some really great gear that will be essentially to this trip. Their Sea Stows are going to be lifesavers for me, keeping things organized and dry. NRS started out as a small business and now is one of the most recognized names in watersports outfitting.

It looks like we are going to have a very well known person speaking in Portland at our event while I am in town, can't wait to finalize this one! Donations are still being accepted to cover expenses (see Donations Accepted post).


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