Final Tally

Okay, okay okay. I know that I should have done this a couple of months ago. It is a little difficult knowing that after 2 years of planning, somethings just can't be planned for. My shoulder is recovering, only time will tell. I am currently living in Germany with my wife who is a Fulbright receipent. Taking Germany lessons and enjoying living in a slightly different culture is stimulating my mind enough to keep the cobwebs out. I am doing a little bit of web/blog work for O.A.R.S. making a blog available to guides as an educational tool.

So the Salmon to Sea trip did not make it to the ocean. I did make it downstream to be present for the big gathering in Portland with David James Duncan, among others, speaking.

The auction of the gear donated was on November 18th in Boise in conjunction with Idaho Rivers United. It was an exciting, tense evening, with bids flying everywhere. I was happily surprise with some items and sorely disappointed with others.

The grand total monies raised by the auction, the O.A.R.S. Main Salmon trip and private donations was over $11,000! I think that the premature end of the trip affected the end result but I don't think that it is anything to snub our noses at.

Check out the "Lost River" campaign that Save Our Wild Salmon has put together. This poster is being sold and myself and several O.A.R.S. guides were a part of this amazing production.

Thank you everyone for supporting me, this trip and the salmon for the past 2 years, it has been an amazing ride. I am working on putting together a photo book that I will be able to take on river trips and show guests what this trip was about, for years to come. Let me know if you are interested in a copy, I only ask that you cover the cost of the book. Please email me offline and I will let you know the time line on it.

Thanks again for all the press coverage and getting the message of the salmon out there to the masses:
NPR/NWPR (Elizabeth Wynne Johnson) - Radio Story, March 2006
Fly Rod and Reel Magazine – Magazine article, June 2006
Idaho Mountain Express - Newspaper article, August and September, 2006
Huron Daily Plainsman (Roger Larsen) – Newspaper article, March and August 2006
Boise Weekly – Newspaper Article, August 2006
Challis Newspaper (Todd Andrews) – Newspaper article, August 2006
Lewiston Morning Tribune (Eric Barker) – Newspaper article, August 2006
Idaho Statesman – Newspaper article, August 2006
Salt Lake Tribune (Brett Prettyman) – Newspaper articles, August 2006
KSRA Radio (Salmon, ID) – Live Radio Interview August 2006
Paddler Magazine – Hot or Not Column, September/October 2006
KSL Radio - Utah Outdoors, August-September 2006 (Every Saturday)
KBOO (Portland, OR) – Radio Interview September 2006
Fin Fest Salmon Awareness Event (Portland, OR) – Recognition (September 2006)
Syndication - Amazing Outdoors Show August-September 2006
Kayak Session Magazine – Article talking about STS, November 2006
ABC World News w/ Charles Gibson (cut)
Several thousand unique visitors to the Salmon to Sea Website/Blog

Also last but certainly not least the sponsors who without their support this trip would not have happened.