Surgeries Update

Things are interesting these days. I had my first (right) shoulder surgery the end of September. It went well, the doctor tightened things up to say the least. Physical Therapy has been challenging, Allison helps me nearly every night stretching the arm and shoulder to regain the the range of motion lost. Three months later most of the range of motion is back and really pushing the strength building. It is coming along well, I noticed progress every couple of days, feeling stronger the more I use it.

My second surgery was the day after Christmas, planned from the beginning to squeeze it in before the new years deductible came into play. Might have pushed it a little quickly but I think it was the right decision for me. Ask me again in 6 months.

Here is a little video of Allison removing the tubing from my pain pump after my most recent surgery. A little on the gross side, no bodily fluids though.