Growing List of Sponsors

Kelty, Boulder, CO - With a donation of a Lightyear 3D sleeping bag and a Ridge 2 ultralight tent, Kelty has become the official sleeping bag and shelter sponsor.

Crazy Creek, Red Lodge, MT - Will be saving our behinds with the Original Crazy Creek chairs.

Thanks to our sponsors the auction on November 18th will be an even bigger success and making a difference in salmon recovery. Our list of sponsors is growing and is very impressive including:


Donations Accepted

How can individuals and others assist the Salmon to Sea trip? Save Our Wild Salmon has graciously set up a place on their website that allows us to take TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations. That is correct, you can help the Salmon to Sea journey by making a tax-deductible donation on Save Our Wild Salmons' website.

How do you make a tax-deductible donation to the Salmon to Sea trip? First you have to go to the Save Our Wild Salmon website here. Next you will make your way to the "Donate" page and click on the little yellow button like the one below. Click on the button of the amount you would like to donate. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHECK THE BOX FOR THE "SALMON TO SEA." Otherwise the money will just go to the general fund. If you don't mind I would also appreciate an email directly to me, so I can keep track of this.

How will financial donations be used? There are several places along this trip where the options for camping are very limited. In these areas state, federal and private campgrounds will be used - while some of them are free of charge, others cost up to $20 per night. I am also asking for donations to cover my food costs for the 7 weeks. Lastly, donations will help make regular "live" updates via satellite phone possible for the entire duration of the trip. All money raised beyond these trip costs will go directly to Idaho Rivers United and Save Our Wild Salmon, the two non-profit groups benefiting from this trip, and will be used to help with the issues concerning wild salmon and steelhead levels. Any gift will be greatly appreciated and will help defer my personal costs during this undertaking.


TEVA and Pyranha join the team

TEVA - Goleta, CA has come aboard to become the official footwear sponsor. TEVA is committed to increasing the outreach potential of the Salmon To Sea trip. The hand symbol part of the TEVA logo is the Hopi symbol for "Friendship" and "Water," making this a very fitting partnership.

Pyranha Kayaks - Asheville, NC has donated a whitewater kayak to the Salmon to Sea trip. This helps in making the trip possible as well as, raising money after the trip is over. There will be an auction in November, where all gear donated to this trip will be auctioned off. Money raised from this auction will be used to continue the fight of restoring wild salmon and steelhead runs to sustainable levels.

I look forward to the big things we can accomplish with the amazing assistance of companies like TEVA and Pyranha. We will never know unless we try!


Join me on the Salmon

We are starting to promote a 6-Day Main Salmon River trip, on August 16-21, 2006. OARS-Dories has donated this trip to Idaho Rivers United, included in the trip price will be a $500 tax-deductible donation to IRU. I will be kayaking down to join this trip for its duration and will have ample time to talk about salmon issues, swim in the warm waters of the Salmon and hike high above the river, getting a different perspective on things. Any questions about this trip or to book a spot please contact OARS at 800.346.6277 and Azz will help you take care of all the details.


Hitting the Airwaves

This morning I had another phone interview, this time with Elizabeth Wynn Johnson of Boise Public Radio. You can find the article here and the audio here.


Front Page!

The interview that I had on Saturday, turned into a front page article in the Huron Daily Plainsman! Check out the article here. Roger did an excellent job and surprised me with the extent and placement of the article, thanks Roger.

I have gotten my logo from Mary Williams Design, and here it is making its internet debut....

Thanks a million Mary, it is awesome! What do you think? Awesome, that is correct!

I believe that Kevin Colburn, National Stewardship Director for American Whitewater, will be joining the Salmon To Sea trip. If only for a short time. He has expressed interest in paddling for a day or two with the trip and writing and article for the AW Journal. Kevin is a great paddler and an amazing force in river management, negotiation skills, natural resource law, and regulated river restoration.


Daily Plainsman Article

Today I had another phone interview, this time with the Huron (SD) Daily Plainsman. After moving around a lot as a child, my family ended up settling in Huron, SD, at least long enough for my sister and I to graduate high school. Look for an article by Roger Larsen on Sunday, March 5, 2006. Roger mentioned possibly doing an article in August before the trip launches.